Hanna and Hanna Farmers Market - Wall Art

This farmer's market is in Salmon Arm B.C. This collection will have about 8-10 images. The orchard owners have been there 100 years. They produce 50 varieties of apples. The root stock is also that old. They offer self-directed tours for a minimal fee. They serve apple cider slurpees - a healthy slurpee. They also have the best pie. They have a pumpkin patch. They run a gift and flower shop. An excellent demo for children, they grow their own bees. They need bees for their apple orchard. There is a section of beehive built into the store, so you can see bees living in their beehive. I loved it. If you have tired legs from driving and have 30-60 minutes to spare for a walk through an orchard in apple production season, check it out and walk the tour. These apples are cycled through into the ones that get distributed to grocery stores. They have information on how that's all done on the tour. There's a McDonald's just opposite them on the side road. I think this is the first intersection coming into Salmon Arm. You turn right at the MacDonald's, and then take your first right in and go through a gate. These pictures show the apple trees in first bud. The owners are warm, personable, and will chat with you. Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 9-6 pm, Sun 1-5 pm Mar. - Dec. Plan your visit: www.hannaorchards.com and select the contact page.

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Hanna and Hanna Farmers Market

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