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Outstanding Service

May 4th, 2020

I want to thank and compliment FAA on their delivery service. My family told me they had a set of frames. And so, I ordered to a set of frames. The image I ordered was cut off, and I knew it. It was kind of a mess, but the best I thought I could get out of the interface, and what I had set up.

FAA's printers did the extra. They shrunk the image to fit the size of the frame. It's here. It's gorgeous. FAA, you did a great job. Thank you.

Many Votes Postings

May 1st, 2020

If anyone finds any of my content online, my images, with a voting structure beside, that is a hacker page. Don't bother going to visit.

For writers out there, where you see author titles with voting structures beside them, same thing. Hackers. Bad page. Don't open them.

Thanks. DM


April 24th, 2020

Each day you wake. This morning, I am considering where to spend my time. Do I brand the previous set of uploads? Do I bring forth the new?

Where do I spend my time upon the compelling? This morning, I am searching actually for pink sky. I love them.

You may see something pink today.

What's Up

March 23rd, 2020

In the upcoming weeks, I am doing stuffie images. And after sculpting them out individually, I will make posters for here putting them in visual groups. They will be a blend of different styles. Another item I am doing as art is seashells. I will do seashell collections, again as groupings.

I won't know how exciting the adventure is till I am on it. And if what I turn out is exciting, I will share. Who collects seashells? I did. Many trips to beaches over the years included seashell collection. My tub is surrounded by them. And so, I will capture my hobby.

Again, I am developing techniques. I picked up a light box. And I would like to try it out. I may not be perfect the first time round. In the future, I expect to get better. I make something in the meantime. I hope you like my seashell images. And I had done a seashell art image recently. After I am all done, I will decide if I want to revisit that one. It was looking for a seashell resource that triggered me to think I should just take a few shots of my collection, instead of hunt art resources. The two moves should take 2-3 weeks.

High Sat vs Low Sat

March 19th, 2020

I've been considering high sat images vs. low sat images. I have an observation, based on how I feel as a perceiver of art. I do not count this as the take of the masses. I am exploring the take of my instincts, and how I intake other's art.

High sat images feed our emotional relation to the image and its content. Low sat images feed the intellectual part of the brain/soul/spirit. When I intake a high sat image, my first center touch met is pleasure, emotion, and obvious and not so obvious satisfaction. And when I have the balance of image to saturation, I am hunting detail, imagery, takes on perfection, or vision perfection, and messages.

Both manner of images are beneficial to a person's environment. Where one develops art for their home, for decor, etc., there are focus points for emotional splash, and there are points for intellectual splash.

Having a drawing done in antiquity colors surrounded in bright framing options fits into both internal needs of color and intellect consumpton.

Stepping toward impressionist, pointillism, and watercolor means stepping toward more emotional or visual feeds which do not rely upon detail as the satisfaction factor in the image. It's art which does not need reflection upon that history it communicates. It completes a corner, by adding the right splash of coordinated color. And it feeds the color center of the brain, in the right place at the right time, being the unnecessary set into the necessary.

It is the sprinkles upon the whipping cream, and where you have lower sat, you digest the piece till you find the cherries.

New Content

February 25th, 2019

I have more James Wharton images. I will be uploading them later in this year.

New Brodie Art

December 21st, 2018

To the artist on FAA who have made Brodie Art, I am so glad to you have filling in with my art online. I kind of hope some of you are kin.

Merry Christmas, from a Brodie Descendant.

Better Galleries

July 2nd, 2018

As to my art profile here on Fine Art America, I just did a sweep of my content. I organized images into galleries.

Discount Till April 30

April 25th, 2014

Coupon Discount - EGCTGV - 20%

Yes, I see a regular visitor over on my art profile.

So, I made this discount.

It is good till April 30.

I am uploading some new stuff. It is currently going into Garden 2014, but I will sort it a bit later.

There's 20 coupons available. If they get used, I will make some more.

The Road to Happiness Our Home on the North Hill

August 14th, 2013

The Creator Elna Brodie Niccolls featured in Donna's art - Donna just released a chapter of her life as an 11 year old on the North Hill above the Brandon township in about the 1929 to 1934 range. Elna describes life in a home on the prairies in 1929. The piece has been fashioned to reflect natural science and technology and culture of the times. There is also a set of women in there who are described in their roles in the family.

Donna has worked on Elna's writing in a similar fashion to taking her art to a professional form. She has edited, added images, and so on.

A family piece Donna's family will treasure, and yet a public piece to share Elna's heart for what people and home were in her time, this will touch people's imaginations and hearts. The link is provided here to Donna's CreateSpace store:


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