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New Content

February 25th, 2019

I have more James Wharton images. I will be uploading them later in this year.

New Brodie Art

December 21st, 2018

To the artist on FAA who have made Brodie Art, I am so glad to you have filling in with my art online. I kind of hope some of you are kin.

Merry Christmas, from a Brodie Descendant.

Better Galleries

July 2nd, 2018

As to my art profile here on Fine Art America, I just did a sweep of my content. I organized images into galleries.

Discount Till April 30

April 25th, 2014

Coupon Discount - EGCTGV - 20%

Yes, I see a regular visitor over on my art profile.

So, I made this discount.

It is good till April 30.

I am uploading some new stuff. It is currently going into Garden 2014, but I will sort it a bit later.

There's 20 coupons available. If they get used, I will make some more.

The Road to Happiness Our Home on the North Hill

August 14th, 2013

The Creator Elna Brodie Niccolls featured in Donna's art - Donna just released a chapter of her life as an 11 year old on the North Hill above the Brandon township in about the 1929 to 1934 range. Elna describes life in a home on the prairies in 1929. The piece has been fashioned to reflect natural science and technology and culture of the times. There is also a set of women in there who are described in their roles in the family.

Donna has worked on Elna's writing in a similar fashion to taking her art to a professional form. She has edited, added images, and so on.

A family piece Donna's family will treasure, and yet a public piece to share Elna's heart for what people and home were in her time, this will touch people's imaginations and hearts. The link is provided here to Donna's CreateSpace store:

Please visit my Bugs and Bees Gallery

June 6th, 2012

Please visit the Bees and Bugs gallery in the web link.

The story below refers to Donna's ladybug pictures.

How does a photographer get this shot? This artist laid on her belly in the grass, while her husband mowed around her. She laid among the ladybugs - a population of about 80 for an hour, watching them, predicting their moves, working on manual, and flash clicking, hoping what she saw in the camera would be what she actually got. Yes, she was covered in ladybugs. So was her camera. White she was shooting, there were two ladybugs sitting on top of her camera. So, she went native with the ladybugs, hoping her breath was not disrupting their performance.

When the photographer got up, she was fully damp from the lawn moisture. She played with the little bugs a bit more, till she turned her attention back to flowers. This ladybug looks like he is hanging on above a great fall back into the lawn. What the ladybug does in this predicament is:

1) fall and hang on, so he walks upside down. Those little feet hang on at all cost.
2) He walks across to the next grass tip, and walks across the tips of the grass.
3) He opens his wings and flies down to the base of the grass again to begin his ascent.

I can only think he is eating. There's grass pollen. As he climbs the grass blade, they must be doing something. The ladybugs are covered in little bits of dust, which I think is not dust, but pollen. For this reason, they harvest the grass. Ladybugs love to live where there is leaf cover in the grass. The more foliage left on the grass the better. It gives them cover as they overwinter. Then, in the spring, they all come back out where they hibernated, and off they go. This population was very healthy and happy.

Bee Picture Promotion

May 25th, 2012

Please visit Donna's 5 day limited time promotion on her Bee-utiful bee photo.

Donna's Bee Picture Promotion - 5 Days

By clicking on the web link, you will be directed to Donna's Promotions page.

This photo launch also celebrates the recent release of Donna's book Zelda the Bee.

Announcing the Fly Song

April 26th, 2012

Visitors, ready for a cat narrative about Lucius the Marble Gray Tabby, lovingly known in my FAA art for being a parkour cat? Here's a song about him.

Copy-paste this link in your browser to hear CatMom sing Lulu and her song:

Author Donna Munro Releases Two Children

April 21st, 2012

Pellirojos Writing Ltd., of, just released two children’s books to CreateSpace,, and Amazon Kindle. Donna Munro is the author and photographer of these books. These books focus on the natural world. These titles are suitable for the Grade 4 reader. We just received news these book titles are now available on These books are being submitted to both the Canadian and United States Archive Collections.

Here are our recently released product offerings:


    Mrs. Melanie Tweed Lost Her Ducks in the Reeds.

Mrs. Melanie Tweed Book Cover

Mrs. Melanie Tweed chooses a pond near Boundary Bay in Tsawassen, B.C. as her place for raising her young. She and Mr. Tweed get several neighbours as their choice seems good to other ducks. Mrs. Tweed has taught her ducklings safety strategies. If they see a shadow overhead, her six ducklings are to hide in the reeds. The inevitable day comes and her ducks perform their routine perfectly. Yet, the unexpected happens. They go missing! Read this story to hear how Mrs. Melanie Tweed sorts her problems out. 


Zelda the Bee: The Zany Adventures of Zelda the Bee


Zelda the Bee Book Cover

Zelda the Bee regularly tours the Wafting Springs Campsite looking for pollen and nectar. Here, through her visits she encounters Peter who names her. Peter loves honey and finds watching Zelda relaxing. Commander the Wasp comes onto the scene seeing an opportunity to push Zelda from the local resources. Zelda benefits from an intervention. Whatever could that be? To find out more, get this wonderful children’s book that presents first fiction and then non-fiction elements about bees and wasps.


A newly crafted editorial for each of the books is available on


At this website, customers and reader audiences can find:

    Book Details,
    Flower Power Words,
    Relevant Links,
    Zazzle Product Extras (stickers, etc.) and
    Education Extras - Multi-media for each title tab

The author, Donna Munro, drew the stories from her life experience.

Donna Munro was born in Saskatchewan. She moved to Calgary with her family at 6 months old when her father took a position as an English teacher. She lived in Calgary most of her life.

She attended University of Calgary and later Athabasca University. She studied languages, literature, science, and education. She spent time in a professional writing department preparing documents for publication. Her interests in writing grew around writing creatively and writing life stories.

Pellirojos Writing Ltd. is hoping to release several more books this year. To search for Donna Munro's book releases, search "Donna Munro" at

Donna's books are ordered print on demand. Five are in stock at  Kindle versions' graphics have drop shadow and custom borders.

Pellirojos Books:   Pellirojos Store.

Book Product Extras:  Zazzle Store

Within CreateSpace, these books are available for Expanded Distribution. Book consumers may find these books in thousands of major online and offline bookstores and retailers for their purchase. Book consumers representing public libraries, elementary and secondary school libraries, and libraries at other academic institutions can find these titles for their purchase. Book consumers representing certified resellers such as independent bookstores and book resellers may buy these titles at wholesale prices directly form CreateSpace. 

Sales Commitment to a Community Development Project in the Phillipines - Update

April 9th, 2012

I've been reflecting on the coming of Easter as a celebration of the wedding between Christ and the Bride for some time. The bride is mankind. So, I've just been made aware of a need in the Phillipines. As I have a great love for mankind, and I want to do something to celebrate the future wedding reunion of Christ to the bride, I would like to do something for mankind now. This is my Easter present to the Lord. Whether I succeed in selling anything, it is the status of willingness which is important.

For this reason, I dedicate any art sales I have from now till Sunday night midnight (less tax I have to pay) to a community development project in the Phillipines. I recognize any money coming in from now till then as God's not mine, so I will pass it on.

I don't know a whole lot just yet, except a couple details, and that this group of people are living in poverty and disease. However, at a future date, I will repost a request to see if others will join me in donating proceeds of art to rebuild a group of people. I will find out the name of the social cooperative movement and how to donate. I may even make them a website with a donate button if they do not have one.

I do not know if there's going to be a great amount of sales. I cannot predict that. However, if you've been thinking about it, please consider buying my art this week. I would like to use this money to build a water and sanitation system for a group of people and I would like a little extra to begin some sort of trade in a social cooperative movement. I will announce the amount raised and donated on this blog.

I would like to take stock of the local resources and apply my creativity to thinking up things they could make and sell. If there were any engineers or fabrication experts who were willing to contact me or to join in a forum site I could make for release in about 2 months, I would like to put people in touch with this cooperative so that they can make products for export and reinvest in the community.

I studied community development and have a hero in the field - a Catholic priest. These thoughts have remained mostly internal. I welcome the opportunity to bring an inner desire to the forefront and hope that God sells whatever is needed to give this community a start.

For those who do not want to buy art and would donate $2 to this cause, here is a page of mine with a donate button. Copy-paste the link in your browser.

Update: There were no sales from this fundraising event. It marks a start I hope as I work to now create a forum.


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