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This gallery is for the Jewel Spiders. Jewels protect my home from pests. A couple which were my first few were perhaps the most special. I tried to name the ones I see regularly and host them as generously as possible. I do not necessarily encourage all spiders. I just understand this one. I know if I am bit, I will have a 2 week recovery. My neighbour was already bit. I know the result; fear is gone. I love my spiders and I try to enjoy them, rather than be unkind. My home, yard, and garden are based on synergies. I can't live in the Garden of Eden, but I try to treat the living creatures to the boundaries of my yard with as much respect as if I did live in the garden of Eden. I get joy back from sharing my spaces with them. Were you interested in stories about Jewels, you may visit the website linked to my FFA profile where I host a blog about being a Pet Parent.

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