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This gallery is a series of restorations of art focused with sensitivity to keeping the artist's original messages. These are digital restorations, not originals. Like restoring a classic car, this art had a series of well organized circumstances around its creation. It will be more expensive. Starting with a professional scanner and processor, the top end in computing and software, this gallery is intended for quality focused individuals. The two opposing values are always quality and price. When possible, I value quality over price. That is true of the creation of this series. Among the classics, my intention is to remove any obvious error, like a daub of paint in the margin, or the wear of time on the pages, removing anything that would interfere with the appreciation of the image. At the same time, in the artwork A Walk Through Town Classic, I hesitate to correct the fact that there is a hand holding the sheet seen through the balcony and two arms holding the sheet over the balcony edge. I might in a reinterpretation. I have loved looking at these images since I was a child. On visits to my Grandmother's, she would sit with me and look over these. I hope you enjoy them too. Here is James Wharton's Biography: This is a drawing done by James Wharton. James Wharton was born April 5, 1853 at #7 Adlington St. in the county of Lancashire, Liverpool, England. He attended Sefton School. He loved to draw. He spent hours drawing the countryside and architecture around him. His work appears to be an extension of a school art program. He did sketches, and in a few of these he made use of pointillism which was just new at that time. He did most of his drawing when he was 11 and 12. When James grew up, he became a railroad/steam engineer. He also was a violinist and played for community dances. He married Margaret Orme who had been working as a barmaid. He and his family came to North America. His family arrived in New York in the month of March, 1882. The trip on the ship took 14 days, and his wife was never so sick. After the boat trip, he and his wife boarded a train headed for Portland, Oregon, USA. His trip to Portland to join a friend was rerouted when they met a land agent on the train. That land agent helped James pick his homestead property from a land map of the new development near Brandon, Manitoba. So, James and Margaret rerouted their trip to Canada. They traveled by boat up the Red River to Winnipeg, Manitoba and then up the Assiniboine River to Brandon, Manitoba. They got a team of oxen and a wagon in Brandon and travelled 20 miles to their homestead. They settled in the municipality of Oakland 5 miles from the little town of Nesbitt. James did two jobs: farming and working at the Gregory Mill on the Souris River which was 3 miles from their homestead. James was injured in a farming accident in 1904. He was carrying a bag of oats on his shoulder down from the loft of the granary when a step on the ladder broke and he fell backwards onto a set of heavy farm scales. He landed on his back and was badly injured. He was unconscious when they found him. Jame's family lifted and brought him to the house. The doctors did not seem to be able to help him. James lived for 2 more years, and slept in a chair to keep comfortable. He died January 7, 1906 at the age of 52 years, nine months. I have made this information available as a poster to accompany a gallery exposition. James left behind drawings he had made in England. These drawings were preserved and are a very tangible link with our grandfather we never knew and to his childhood home. One of the mysteries of the fact the images made it through settlement and time is that there were unsavory storage conditions along the way, such as being packed and travelling in trunks, then enduring chances of prairie fires, wet rain during travel, and winter storms. Donna Munro is publishing a children's story called The Night the Coyote's Called My Name which is one of James Wharton's life experiences. It will come out later this year as an independent published book and will be distributed through Lightning Source. Note: I am making a Zazzle Store with objects to hold images from here. In particular, with James Wharton's art, I am making beer steins an mugs. It is a good thing when you want to buy your own art. My family are getting these things for Christmas this year. The designs are working out well. Here is a book written about James: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FAD7VBI

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James Wharton Classics

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