Colorized Wharton Brodie Work - Wall Art

This gallery contains the latest colorizations of Donna Munro - covering Elna Brodie's and James Wharton's work. The colorizations in the drawing preview are black and white and the product image is then viewed in color. The benefit of this for now is that clients may see how the images were improved for sale as prints. The images selected for improvement are based on the web traffic interest in the images and on Donna's vision for those that can most benefit from the enhancement. James work will be placed first, then Elna's. I have made a gallery of objects on Zazzle. In particular, I am making mugs and beer steins with the art from James Wharton. The Store Name is Pellirojos - all that fit. Visit me there. I have made a Christian Historical Fiction book about James Wharton. My Catholic family in England, when they immigrated, had no option but to find a church, and there was no Catholic church in their community, and I based this book around a life altering experience for James, where God proved himself faithful to protecting him, even though he had to find a new church. There would have been both personal and family pressure about not having a Catholic church, and issues of sects still trouble people. God, who is bigger than sects, came through for him. And at the same time, this violinist and artist - he cherished a hunk of meat for his wife a particular night, and that hunk of meat he carried made him feel particularly vulnerable. Are there other lessons in the story? Maybe. Over time, as I gather insights, even from other people, I hope to grow this piece. I keep the story in mind, so that as I gather historical details, I can understand the story in more depth, and as I do, I may add a hundred pages or so. Right now, it is 80 pages. As a literature teacher, I consider it a complete whole. Later as a literature teacher, I will have to grow the book, and not lose the meanings, or perhaps it will be a completely different aspect, like a new book through the eyes of his wife. Here is that story:

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Colorized Wharton Brodie Work

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